The park and the animals

Our animals have found refuge at L’Aventure over the years. Most of them have been adopted because their formers owners couldn’t keep them anymore.

  • The donkeys : Pilpoil and his girlfriend Oriana,
  • The goat : Galadrielle,
  • The ewes :  Coquillette, Mimolette, Côtelette and their lambs,
  • The ram : Banania,
  • The ponys : Gizmo and Claresco,
  • And our collection of hens which will be seen pecking throughout the park.

They like being fed with bread or fruit by hand, in addition of course to their daily hay ration. Don’t forget your stale bread – they’ll love it!

During your walk, discover the ‘canneterie’ pond specially appreciated by ducks and where sometimes roe deer or other wild animals come to drink.